BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPRROUD)– Hours ahead of the drawing, people in Baton Rouge are flocking to get their hands on a lottery ticket.

It’s a frenzy to get the prize of a lifetime, a billion dollar jackpot.

Dozens packed the B-Quick gas station on Perkins Road for a ticket.

The list of things to do with the grand prize is endless.

“Pay off my house, pay off some bills and just enjoy,” said Kalinda Lang, hopeful to win.

“Enjoy my life a bit, travel,” said another Powerball player.

For many, southern hospitality shines through, and these residents say if they hit big that cash is going to people who need it the most.

“Get me a big farm and start me a camp ground and I would like to do camping for underprivilege kids. Like fishing and camping,” said Donald Leonard.

“I would like to help the poor. Do some good for people who really need,” said Robert Givens.

The chances of winning are one in nearly 300 million, to be exact, one in 292,201,338.

Though chances are slim, optimism is in the air.

“I hit on the football board at work, so, yes, I won a $100 there. So, I said let me just go try my luck,” said Lang.

“It’s been 25-30 years, but hope tonight is the night you know,” said Leonard.