BATON ROUGE, La (BRPROUD)- A test conducted by I’m-a-puzzle-com, a Jigsaw puzzle tested 5,000 adults with typical—Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) and found that Louisiana adults were in 35th place while New Jersey residents scored the highest in the country, and Arkansas scored the lowest on the SAT national test.

Experts also say that the test consisted of two sections: one focused on Math and the other Evidence-Based Reading and Writing (EBRW) tests.

“It’s great to see that, overall, most adults across the country haven’t got too much to worry about when it comes to their post-pandemic brain sharpness,” said Neal Taparia from I’ “It’s always a good thing to brush up on our general Math and EBRW skills, and online quizzes are a great way to exercise this knowledge, even if you don’t have upcoming SATs scheduled!”

Research says that everyone had a pandemic brain.

Adults in the state scored a 55% mark overall, below the national average of 58%. Most adults struggled with math, with just 45% passing lower than the national average of 55%, but it was in EBRW where their overall average was significantly boosted. Adults scored 66% compared to the national average of 61%, according to I-am-Puzzle.

Louisiana testers were stronger in the EBRW section than in math.

The EBRW example question: The correct answer is D). to rapidly expand

What does ‘burgeon’ mean?*

  • A) to rapidly shrink
  • B) to become tired
  • C) to make 
  • D) to rapidly expand

Math questions asked in the quiz: The correct answer is B.) 10

If x + 6 = 9, then 3x + 1 = ?*

  • A) 6
  • B) 10
  • C) 4
  • D) 12

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