ROSEDALE, LA – Glynn Rivet, former owner of Rivet & Sons farms, will participate in a pre-trial diversion program instead of going to court in the 18th district after he shot a gun near migrant workers on his farm back in June.

A pre-trial diversion program is used as an alternative to prosecution. if local farmer Glynn Rivet successfully completes this program, charges of aggravated assault against him will be dropped. The program is primarily for non-violent misdemeanor crimes, however, on rare occasions, some felonies are allowed according to the Pointe Coupee District Attorney’s pamphlet the outlines the program.

Rivet & Sons LLC is a 6,000-acre sugarcane and soybean farming business outside Baton Rouge. The farm is comprised of nine fields in Iberville and Pointe Coupee parishes. They are an H-2A agriculture employer that hires foreign workers on special visas to work in their fields.

Video of the incident recorded by two of the employees shows Rivet, who transferred ownership of the farm to his sons after he was arrested, shouting and cursing at employees while waving two guns both of which he fires twice.

After Rivet drives away, the men call the Point Coupee Sheriff’s department. He was charged with four felony counts of aggravated assault with a firearm and one count of illegal use of weapons or dangerous instrumentalities, according to PCPSO booking documents.

The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) started an investigation into Rivet & Sons after receiving a complaint from a U.S. consulate in Mexico saying they’d received reports that Rivet had threatened workers asking for food and water.

On June 16, 2021, FPU Monterrey received phone calls, emails, and video evidence of Glynn Rivet, owner of Rivet & Sons LLC, threatening workers with a gun, allegedly in response to workers asking for more food and for a water faucet to be moved back closer to their living quarters. According to one worker, they asked Mr. Rivet for more food and water, and after he did not provide anything, they brought their concerns to his son. At that point, Mr. Rivet responded by insulting them and threatening them with a gun, shooting twice into the air. At least three workers decided to leave the work site and file a police report.

United States Consulate, Fraud Protection Unit (FPU), in Monterrey, Mexico

DOL investigator Derek Madison says that in the week after Glynn Rivet was arrested his son Clint Rivet told workers that they had to drop the charges and that if they refused all work on the farm would stop.

The investigation found that that the H-2A workers worked in “grueling” conditions for ten hours or more, sometimes seven days a week in “fields that lacked potable drinking water and toilet and handwashing facilities.”