LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – As House Bill 131 allows for concealed carry of firearms without a permit or training advances to the state senate, there are many opposing views. 

Matt Oliver, owner of Advantage Training Academy, said, “Whether it’s a good idea or not, it’s kind of relevant at this point. I do believe in it, and even though I do this and I am a trainer, and I own this company for a living, I still believe in it because having to do the training is a direct violation of our second amendment rights. It is an infringement.”

However, he believes there should be no requirement for it. There should be a high standard for people who decide to carry a firearm out in society. 

“If you go out there with that firearm on your person and have no training, and you don’t know the laws. We show no mercy to people that mess up. So that’s why training is still important, but it’s going to be on the person to seek it out themselves rather than thinking they know everything,” he said. “I do believe that if this bill passes, we’re going to see a learning curl where people are going to get hurt unnecessarily. Hurt themselves or hurt others by accident but not having the training.” 

Corey Levier, owner of Safe House Firearms and Safety Solution said he has been following H.B. 131. 

“I’m all for every American having a right to defend themselves and use lethal force if lethal is applied against them. I’m for equal rights. I’m for equality when it comes to the carrying of guns,” he said. “But as a firearm instructor and a leader in the community, I know that it is the right thing to do for the state to take responsibility for the education of its citizens. If we’re going to allow everyone. No matter whether anybody with clothes on the outside can be carrying a gun. If we’re going to make it a free for all in that way, then we need to make sure that even if it’s not mandatory, education is available.” 

Levier said as a firearm instructor and a concealed carry instructor for the state of Louisiana, what he teaches is “absolutely fundamentally, without a doubt, needed for every person in Louisiana that plans to carry a gun concealed or open.” 

“There are only two types of people in the world: trained and untrained, and untrained people with lethal force are a danger to the community. It doesn’t matter how you slice it; that’s just the reality of it. So if you’re going to let everyone and make it the law where everyone and anytime can carry a gun wherever they want, concealed or open, at least take responsibility for the education,” he said. 

The firearm instructor said people without training with firearms are not only a danger to others, but they’re also a danger to themselves. 

He continues, “Education is the only cure for ignorance, but ignorance and guns lead to people losing their lives. So we don’t need that. Let’s make sure we take responsibility for educating the populace so that we can be safer with guns and not just take responsibility for it; promote and market it the same way you promote and market any over thing of education. On a massive scale so that we create interest for gun safety.” 

He offers different suggestions: The state waives the $125 fees needed for concealed carry, and if they apply for a license, they can get one without paying anything but keep it to where they have to apply. If that doesn’t work, do not worry about the registration but create a program with Louisiana veterans who are firearm instructors and pay them to make themselves available so they can teach gun safety.

“I’m a firm believer that just because you can doesn’t mean you should,” said Oliver. “I wouldn’t put a teenager behind the wheel of a vehicle without teaching them how to drive first. It’s the same concept.” 

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