BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) – After a global pandemic and two historic hurricane seasons–disrupted Louisiana classrooms, the national assessment of education scores are officially in. The State Superintendent says the hard work has paid off but we still have a lot to do.

The Louisiana Department of Education says that that “Nation’s Report Card” looks at how students in 4th through 8th grade did in reading and math.

Louisiana showed the most improvement in test scores than other states–according to the state superintendent, Cade Brumley, it’s because schools took the necessary precautions, and students came to class during the pandemic. “Having them in school every single day for face-to-face instruction, whether they’re with their teachers, where they’re there with all of the supports that a school can provide, is beneficial in terms of academic outcomes,” he continued.

State Superintendent, Cade Brumley, believes this tactic is what brought the state from being the lowest in reading, to now being one of just two states that showed improvement. “We led the country, Louisiana led the country and fourth graders in their reading growth,” he explained.

However, Louisiana did receive its biggest decline, in eighth-grade math, with a six-point drop. “This is an area that for some time has been problematic. We are beginning to explore some of the reasons behind that.,” Brumley exclaimed.

Brumley believes additional support and resources must be provided to get those scores up. He says we are heading in the right direction, but some believe otherwise. “We’ve implemented. Such a huge change and what it’s done. Our scores haven’t improved by national standards. All we’ve done is that we’ve created a crisis of a teacher shortage,” explained Cynthia Posey, Louisiana Federal of Teachers, Legislative and Political Director.

Brumley followed with “We’ll continue to work with teachers and students to achieve our goals.”

Figures compiled by the state Department of Education show the state moved from 50th to 42nd in fourth-grade reading; 50th to 44th in fourth-grade math; 45th to 39th in eighth-grade reading and 49th to 45th in eighth-grade math.

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