CUT OFF, La. (BRPROUD) – Over two years after Angel Galvan-Paz, 30, was arrested, a jury found the Cut Off man guilty of 2nd Degree Cruelty to Juveniles.

The guilty verdict stems from an incident that took place in February of 2020.

The investigation centered around the abuse of a 4-month-old child.

At the time, that child was purportedly under the care of Angel Galvan-Paz.

“During the investigation, Galvan-Paz and his girlfriend repeatedly lied to law enforcement, state investigators, and medical personnel regarding the injuries to the child victim, giving multiple inconsistent accounts of how the injuries occurred,” according to the Lafourche Parish District Attorney.

The trial unfolded over three days and during that time, Galvan-Paz testified that the injuries sustained by the 4-month old were accidental.

The Lafourche Parish District Attorney states that “the jury rejected his testimony, finding Galvan-Paz intentionally caused a skull fracture, broken arm and grade III liver laceration to the four-month-old.”

During the trial, expert testimony was presented to the jury.

The expert said that the “multiple injuries across multiple planes of the child’s body were caused by child abuse,” according to the Lafourche Parish District Attorney.

Galvan-Paz is staring at the possibility of 40 years behind bars.

“I am very appreciative of this jury sacrificing their time to serve on this simple, but emotionally difficult case,” said Assistant District Attorney Jason Chatagnier, who prosecuted the case along with Assistant District Attorney Joe Soignet. “Child Abuse will not be tolerated in Lafourche Parish, and this conviction affirms this position.”

The 30-year-old will find out his sentence on May 5.