HAMMOND, La. (WGNO) — Come hither! Walking around Renaissance Fest there are so many food options to fill our bellies! WGNO’s Kenny Lopez toured the fest and gives us a taste.

First, we swiftly went towards the fast food.

“The walking taco is a bag of Doritos with all the taco fixings, lettuce, tomato, meat, sour cream, salsa, jalapenos, and pico,” Amber Deedeaux said.

Next up we went for a crowd favorite and a staple at this Renaissance Fest.

“Cheesecake on a stick! It is regular cheesecake dipped in dark chocolate and covered in white chocolate. Your options are on a stick or in your hand and a lot of people don’t like the second option,” Seviin said.

The food here is either sweet or savory.

“This is the broccoli cheddar cheese bowl. It is like a loaf of bread, looks like a boat and then they cut this piece out and put soup in it,” Karlie Rogers said.

We now roam from cottage to cottage looking for more grub.

“This is our famous scotch eggs. It is a hard-boiled egg wrapped in breakfast sausage and bread crumbs and made in the oven,” Karrikka Washington at King’s Kitchen said.

They typically sell about 300 scotch eggs a day.

During the Renaissance they’d call food “belly timber,” and we found some “belly timber” with this dish.

“This is our famous Jester Chips. It is a giant potato that is deep-fried with cheese, bacon, and chives. I would say it goes about 4-inches deep, and 8-inches wide,” Washington said.

It is still debatable whether the Jester Chips actually make you funnier, but with food like this you’ll never go hungry, and that’s no joke.