PONCHATOULA, La. (WGNO) — At the office, you’d never know Rob Nelson once wanted to be a lawyer.

He even went to law school in Louisiana, but somehow Rob knew life would wind up so much sweeter.

That’s why WGNO Good Morning New Orleans features reporter Bill Wood finds Rob Nelson clocking in, in Ponchatoula.

Rob Nelson traded the courtroom for the candy factory. Now, he’s the CEO of Elmer Chocolate, America’s oldest family-owned candy company.

In business since 1855, Elmer Chocolate puts on a parade.

And this time of year, it’s the Easter Parade. And this year, there’s a big birthday on the calendar.

It’s Heavenly Hash turning one hundred.

The marshmallow egg, covered in milk or dark chocolate with almonds on top.

It’s the right recipe, all right.

That’s why it’s simply and downright, heavenly.