BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) – New research from FINN revealed that Louisiana is ranked as the second state for the highest car insurance.

Analysts said Louisiana also has a large proportion of uninsured drivers at slightly more than 10% increasing premiums. Car insurance agents said they’re shocked, but there are several factors that pushed prices to jump.

This is the worst I have seen. One being the amount accidents were starting to see, I think do the pandemic everybody’s on the road driving more,” said Kevin Harrington, owner of MAV Group Insurance.

Not all drivers are insured which has left insurance companies to bite the cost like State Farm, whose rate increased by 17.3% due to the cost of car repairs and part shortages, affecting more than a thousand Louisiana policyholders.

“It’s usually anywhere from one-hundred-fifty to two-hundred-fifty dollars just for liability. For full coverage I’m sure it would probably cost me like four-hundred bucks,” said Christopher Harbin.

Harbin is another resident fed up with the astronomical rates of Louisiana’s car insurance, but he’s a young driver so prices for him are different.

It’d be cheaper for sure to ride my bike everywhere I needed to go, but it’s too hot,” said Harbin.

Having individual insurance may be more costly. Harrington said having more than one driver on your plan could make the plan a lot cheaper.

A lot of the insurance companies do like that as well so yeah if you can bundle it all together, you’ll be saving a little bit more money,” said Harrington.