BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) — Louisiana is ranked as one of the ‘least green’ states in the United States.

A study from Portland Real Estate looked at multiple factors to compute an overall index score to find the ‘least green’ states, including the usage of eco-friendly transportation, energy consumption, the quantity and type of emission produced, resident access to nature, water and air quality.

“It is interesting to see how each state has scored in the various factors that contribute to a less green environment,” said a Portland Real Estate spokesperson. “When deciding where to live or buy a home, a greener environment is a deciding factor for many.”

Louisiana checks in as the second ‘least green’ state as their index score was 34.6 out of 100. According to the study, Louisiana has the worst nature score in the U.S. (20.7 out of 100).

The study found that Louisiana has the fifth lowest water quality score, the sixth highest CO2 produced in a state, the fourth lowest amount of state and national parks, and the lowest number of hiking trails.

Check out the top 10 ‘least’ green states in the U.S.

  1. Mississippi – green index score of 33.7
  2. Louisiana – green index score of 34.6
  3. New Mexico – green index score of 35.2
  4. Alabama – green index score of 35.8
  5. North Dakota – green index score of 36.3
  6. West Virginia – green index score of 37.5
  7. Oklahoma – green index score of 38.8
  8. Alaska – green index score of 39.6
  9. Texas – green index score of 40.7
  10. Kentucky – green index score of 41.6