NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Restaurants from Puerto Rico to Portland, Maine have been named among the 50 best restaurants in the country by the New York Times.

The Restaurant List is an annual collection of NYT’s favorite restaurants in America. Each entry on the list of restaurants they “love most in 2022,” breaks down why the location stands out.

Major dining destinations earned multiple entries on the list, including Chicago, New York and Los Angeles, but but smaller cities – including Ashland, Oregon and Madison, Wisconsin also made a list.

The two Louisiana restaurants making the list are Brennan’s in New Orleans and Chicken’s Kitchen in Gretna.

Brennan’s is a longtime New Orleans staple, opening in 1946. NYT raves of chef Ryan Hacker’s Louisiana classics — shrimp remoulade, turtle soup and blackened redfish.

The second Louisiana restaurant listed in NYT’s list is Chicken’s Kitchen in Gretna. The takeout-style restaurant features a rotating menu of classic southern food, including smothered turkey necks, braised greens, and blackened catfish.

New York Times Best Restaurants in America 2022 list features a mix of brand-new locations and places that have been around for decades. You can see the full list of 50 restaurants here.