JACKSON, La. (BRPROUD) — Shocking footage from inside a Louisiana prison shows an error on the part of the state that some believe put three men in danger. A nine-second video taken from inside the Dixon Correctional Institute (DCI) shows three young men inside a cell designated for two.

Montrell Small, an inmate at DCI, sent the video, saying he felt the guards put his life in danger by putting the third man in his cell.

“Once they placed us in the cell, after we told them that he wasn’t supposed to belong in the cell with me,” Montrell said. “And they made him come in anyway.”

Montrell said the new guy and himself physically fought throughout the night.

“From nine o’clock to about like, six in the morning, we [were] fighting,” Montrell said.

Montrell shared photos of his body covered in marks from fighting. His mother Loma Small said she just wants to know her child is safe.

“To be honest, I’m really scared,” Loma said. “I know they are inmates, I know they, you know, [have] done things bad, but they also still humans at the end of the day.”

The footage was taken on a cell phone that the inmates are not allowed to have. Montrell knows he can get in trouble for having the device. But Montrell and Loma believe it was important for the outside world to see what was going on.

“The only way that we have to prove it, I mean hey, we know the consequences, we know, but we have to have some kind of hard evidence to prove it that, you know, it’s going on.”

Montrell is worried he and his cellmate will face retaliation for sharing their story. Loma begs DCI to be fair to her child.

“Please don’t retaliate on my child because we tried, we tried to come to you all, I tried to come to you all and talk to you all before this even got this far,” Loma said.

Montrell said he has been locked up since he was 14 years old. Loma knows her son is an adult now, but he will always be her child.

“You all are really playing with somebody’s child. I know he’s 21, but I’m going to stand behind him until he is 100,” said Loma.

In a statement, the Department of Corrections admitted they did put a third person in Montrell’s cell and said the situation is under investigation.

A third prisoner was placed into a two-man cell Tuesday night at Dixon Correctional Institute. A Department of Public Safety and Corrections investigation is underway to determine how and why this occurred. As this is an ongoing investigation, the Department has no further details to release at this time.

Ken Pastorick
Communications Director
Department of Public Safety & Corrections