BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) — Louisiana is ranked as the number one state in the country for high flu activity, and experts are wanting to get those numbers lower.

According to Walgreens, they decided to launch their 2022-2023 Walgreens Flu Index to help communities track flu activity in their area.

Their Walgreens data also shows that overall flu activity is more than 10 times higher nationwide when compared to the 2021-2022 flu season and has more than doubled over the past two weeks.

“They’re seeing a lot of flu in Children too, this year too, which is a little different,” said Vice President of Medical Affairs of Ochsner Baton Rouge, Ralph Dauterive, MD.

Dr. Dauterive says it’s different due to the fact they normally see an increase and harder symptoms in the elderly.

“We’re finding that we’re seeing some elevated levels of flu in schools,” says the Bureau of Community Preparedness for LDH, Dr. Glennis Gray.

For instance, the Brighton School of Baton Rouge has been closed Monday and Tuesday. They found one-fourth of their students and one-fifth of their teachers contracted the flu virus.

According to the LDH website, they have found data showing Louisiana to be high for the Influenza virus this season.

Dr. Gray says that these flu season numbers are higher due to the fact last flu season was the mildest on record because everyone had COVID.

Both Oschner Health and LDH are stressing for people to wash their hands more frequently and to get vaccinated.

Oschner is providing flu shots across the capital area, if you’re looking for a location closest to you, click here.

LDH has also created Flu Shot drive-throughs, here’s a list of their locations.