FARMERVILLE, La (KTVE/KARD)– Leslie Greene is the owner of River Bandit Wildlife Rescue in Farmerville. She has been rescuing and rehabilitating animals for seven years and fully funds the rescue.

Greene recently entered one of her rescue beavers named Cypress into the Cadbury Bunny contest, and she made it into the Top 10.

Greene explained to us how the idea came about. “I had bought some bunny ears, and I put them on one of the beavers and thought it was cute. I’m just going to take a quick little photo and put it on social media and just say the Easter Beaver instead of the Easter Bunny, and somebody had suggested we try out for the Cadbury commercial, and so we did, and she made it to the Top 10, which is amazing because this is the first time Cadbury’s ever had a wildlife species in the Top 10 for the Cadbury tryouts.”

Greene uses social media to help fund the rescue, and the great thing about this contest is that if Cypress wins, the rescue will receive $5,000, and they will also be able to give $5,000 to another rescue of their choice.

Greene explained how this would help River Bandit Rescue. “So if we were to win the $5,000, you would go to the River Bandit Wildlife Rescue, which is our rescue. And then another $5,000 would go to an animal shelter or another wildlife rescue. For us, that would mean to actually buy new cages. Right now, we have cages that we’ve kind of put together over the years with the funds that we had available, but with the additional 5,000, we could actually build super-big, nice cages. And not only could we rehab more animals like Cypress, but we could also rehab the raccoons, foxes and coyotes, more so than what we do now.”

To vote for Cypress, go to Voting ends on March 14, 2023.