BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) – On an uncomfortably hot summer’s day, few things are more refreshing than a cool dessert.

For many, ice cream hits the spot.

In fact, one statistic indicates that Americans consume an average of 1.6 gallons of ice cream annually, which amounts to just over 23 pounds per person.

Unsurprisingly, we can also be quite picky about the ice cream flavors we enjoy.

While many would agree that the least-liked ice cream flavor remains debatable, an article by Mashed reports that most people in the U.S. are turned off by vanilla, Rocky Road, and strawberry, making these the most hated ice cream flavors in the nation.

On the other hand, an analysis by TopData indicates that chocolate leads the pack as the ice cream flavor of choice, not only in the U.S., but in the state of Louisiana.

In any case, if you happen to be in Baton Rouge and you’re looking for a local spot known for its ice cream, Yelp and TripAdvisor recommend the four restaurants below as some of the best places to find it:

Freezing Cow Rolling Ice Cream

7514 Bluebonnet Blvd, Baton Rouge, LA 70810

Phone: (225) 636-5113


402 Government St, Baton Rouge, LA 70802

Phone: (225) 344-1179

The Yard Milkshake Bar

18303 Perkins Rd E Bldg 400. Suite 408, Baton Rouge, LA 70810

Phone: (225) 427-0620


5727 Essen Ln Suite D, Baton Rouge, LA 70810

Phone: (225) 427-5044

The restaurants listed above are just a few of the many eateries in Baton Rouge that serve delicious ice cream and other desserts.