LAROSE, La. (LOCAL 33/FOX 44) – The LSU football team is in the national spotlight ahead of the National Championship Game with head coach Ed Orgeron.

His hometown is Larose. It’s about a two hour drive southeast of Baton Rouge. The town is in Lafourche Parish.

Family and friends catch up during lunch at The Balcony restaurant in Larose. Coach O is one topic of conversation.

“We used to play touch football every Sunday afternoon and Coach O’s dad, we called him BeBe. BeBe would play with us and bring Coach O. So Coach O and some of his friends would be playing in the yard or the ditch while we was playing touch football,” family friend Gary Hanberry said.

Hanberry is a pastor who has known the Orgeron’s for years. He said he had a chance meeting with Coach O last summer while visiting his mom.

Hanberry said, “So we talked for a little while and then when I got ready to leave he said, pray for me. I said alright. Coach O I’ll pray for you. It won’t be a problem, you know?”

Purple and gold are the colors of choice. Coach O taking the tigers to the National Championship Game is bringing a sense of pride to the people of his hometown.

Hanberry said, “We’re very glad that one of our local young men has made good and he’s made us all proud. Everybody that I talked to is pulling for him, is behind him and we’re glad that he’s the head coach at LSU.”

Hanberry added that Coach Ed Orgeron’s story is a great example for young people, showing them how to work toward their goals.