BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) — Damar Hamlin collapsed on the field during the game between the Bills and the Bengals on Monday, Jan. 2. The game, which had playoff implications, was suspended by the NFL.

Like many others, LSU superfan Colton Moore was watching the game with his family. Colton’s love of the Tigers runs deep as he was able to meet former head coach, Ed Orgeron in 2019.

Jennifer Moore, Colton’s mom, said he is a big fan of former LSU quarterback Joe Burrow and was counting down the minutes until the start of the game.

On social media, she said her son “has lived the medical life” and gets very upset when players are injured.

Colton was born with spina bifida and was not expected to live past the age of 1, Jennifer said. He’ll be 13 on March 8, and in his short time on Earth, he has been through 47 surgeries.

On Monday night, the child knew something was wrong when the ambulance came onto the field.

Jennifer said he was so concerned by what happened that he cried and broke out into a rash. When he returned to his room, Colton turned his LED lights to red and blue for Damar.

“His heart is broken for a guy he has never met that plays the game of football, a game that he loves so much!” she wrote on the Geaux Colton Facebook page.

Jennifer said that Colton is doing well despite needing a ventilator to sleep. He loves drinking Mountain Dew. In fact, she said he could be a salesman for the beverage company.

Despite his own struggles, Jennifer said Colton is worried and waits for positive news about Damar Hamlin.

She shared details about what happened Monday night on social media:

“As I tucked Colton in bed tonight and tears rolled down his cheeks out of worrying over Damar Hamlin and what he watched go down on tv… he asked me what was the Bills team colors. I told him red, blue and white he took his LED light remote and turned one half of his lights to red and the other half to blue. ♥️ 💙 Tonight for Damar Hamlin, Colton’s bedroom glows red and blue!

“Colton has lived the medical life… he knows how serious things are when an ambulance is involved. He like so many of us didn’t take his eyes off the tv while Damar was being given CPR and the players from both teams shed tears of worry!! He went to bed again like so many of us worried about a guy that is in critical condition.

“LSU football is a true passion of his and he roots like no other while watching an LSU game!!! He watches any other football game and cheers on both teams as they play! If one scores a touchdown he shouts with excitement… if the other team scores he gets excited! He loves it all! But when he sees a player get injured or hurt he announces to the entire house or grabs his iPad to FaceTime his Paw Paw to tell him someone is hurt! Tonight he didn’t even hardly speak… he was so upset he broke out in a rash all over. His heart is broken for a guy he has never met that plays the game of football, a game that he loves so much!

“I pray when he wakes up in the morning and grabs his remote to try and see an update that it’s good news!

“Tonight we all are lifting Damar, the Buffalo Bills, his family, friends and all of those who love him in prayer!”

Jennifer Moore

The family joins thousands around the country who have sent prayers to the Buffalo Bill’s safety and donated to Damar Hamlin’s toy drive for kids.