BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) — Dr. Alveda King, niece of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., is passing on the baton of leadership to a youth leader of today and tomorrow.

LSU senior and communications major Trinity Wicker was honored in Washington, D.C., with King’s assistance. SheLeads America highlighted Wicker’s work and outstanding leadership with youth throughout Louisiana. 

“I did a video that I created on iMovie, and I had no idea that it would reach the levels that it did,” said Wicker. “I was definitely shocked; I had no idea I was even qualified to be in the position to be in the room with such amazing women of distinction in this movement.” 

The video, a senior project for her communications class titled “Resistance as a Pro-Lifer ” caught King’s attention. What started as a class project turned into confirmation that Wicker was on the right path, where passion meets purpose.  

“I barely recently just got into the pro-life movement. It wasn’t until I heard my parents’ story about the impact of abortion that it really made me think, ‘OK, what can I do to use my influence in the world to really help this movement move along?'” said Wicker.  

She is the current Baton Rouge Youth Director for Black Advocates for Life; leads her own nonprofit, The Queens Table; serves as Youth Programs Director for Louisiana Right to Life; is the executive director of ProBlack ProLife; is an instructor for the Young Queens and Kings Academy; and serves as the HBCU Campus Coordinator for Pro Black Advocates for Life. 

It’s a controversial topic with strong emotions on both sides, but Wicker said she only hopes to show young people that if you have a voice, whatever the topic, use it.

“My job as a pro-lifer is not to use my form of resistance as a weapon to make somebody feel less than, I want to use my form of resistance through activism to make sure that women and babies have as much support as they can,” said Wicker.

She is stepping out and has emerged as a passionate young leader in the Baton Rouge community while finishing her college degree. It’s a balancing act she is still mastering, but she credits her faith for how she’s getting through it all and how far it’ll take her long after. 

“It’s okay to stand up for righteousness. God gave you courage. He gave you purpose. He gave you identity, so you can walk out in that boldly,” said Wicker.