BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD)– Just days ago the name of Troy H. Middleton was removed from the student library at LSU. Now LSU “Democracy @ Work” students are saying one building is not enough.

The student group has put together a list of 14 names they have found to have a “racially charged” history.

“We were just kind of shocked at how deep this goes and we wanted to make sure we took advantage of the opportunity and the moment right now and made sure they all came down,” LSU student Sebastion Brumfield-Mejia said.

The students looked into each of the people named and find their history disturbing.

“Those people did not want black students on campus. They did not want other students of color on campus and did horrible things in their past and we are also concerned with what values is the university reflecting by continuing to commemorate those individuals but not commemorating the very often overlooked people in LSU’s history,” Brumfield-Mejia said.

Senator John Kennedy commented on the issue of removing confederate related names, monuments and memorials on Wednesday during an interview.

“Look times change, history doesn’t. I’m not going to support tearing down the ruins of carthage because the Carthaginians practiced human sacrifice. I’m not gonna do that. The truth of the matter is, let me say it again.. there has been in the past, racial discrimination in our country.  but america unlike many countries has done something about it.”

Brumfield-Mejia said the group is not intimidated by backlash and plan to protest this fall if the names are not removed.

The LSU Board of Supervisors announced last week they are forming a task force to look through each of the building names on campus.

“It cannot end there, if the LSU president, LSU board of supervisors the powers that be, don’t get on board with these changes we believe need to happen we would need protest and direct action to get them changed,” Brumfield-Mejia said.

The students have since started a petition for their cause.

The full letter sent to the LSU Board of Supervisors can be read below.