BRADENTON, Fla. – A Florida man nearly lost his life in a freak accident that happened when he was moving pool furniture.

Charles Lee told ABC television station WFTS-TV he was moving a chaise lounge when a gust of wind knocked him into the pool and the leg of the chair pierced his throat.

“I was stunned,” Lee said. ”I’d been lifted off my feet by this wind, and when I came up, my jaw hurt.”

Lee was treated at a hospital emergency room and had more than a dozen stitches. He says the chair leg missed his carotid artery by two centimeters, about three-quarters of an inch.

Lee also received a tetanus shot. The chair is rusted.

“I have a couple of guardian angels looking over me,” Lee told WFTS. “That’s in fact what the E.R. doctors said, too.”