Courtesy: News 4 Staff (WIVB)

A true sign of a good invention is that it makes many peoples’ lives easier.

A Minnesota man says he’s done just that with his recently-perfected gadget.

Tom McMullen spent 35 years working on the idea for an automatic nail clipper for people. The battery-operated device allows people to place their nails in a slot, and a blade gently trims the nail without going through flesh.

McMullen was inspired by his sister, who had polio.

The clipper can help people who have problems that affect their hands.

Geno Mucciacciaro says he has arthritis in his hands.

“A degree of independence was taken away and little things add up, and are worse than big things in my opinion, like your fingernails,” he said.

McMullen’s family business is up for an Edison Award for this gadget.