HAMMOND, La. (BRPROUD) – 33-year-old Brandi Amond is behind bars facing multiple charges including Felony carnal knowledge of a juvenile.

The mother of the alleged underage victim in this case is responding to the allegations made against someone she considered her “best friend.”

The statement is provided below:

I am living my worst nightmare and one of my biggest fears since having children. However, I must admit that as a mom of both boys and girls I never imagined this would happen to one of my sons at the hands of a woman. Furthermore, a woman that I looked at like a sister. She was my best friend and was supposed to love my children as her own. Our families did everything together from vacations, weekly dinners, birthday parties, Holiday you name it. I am so broken for my child and if this story could just save just one child or one family from this hell we are living, it is worth it to me. Please talk to your children, have those hard conversations with your boys and girls. Stay on high alert and never give anyone 100% of your trust.

Brandi Amond’s arraignment date is January 4, 2022.