BATON ROUGE, La. – A baby’s parents are dead after another case of domestic violence in Baton Rouge.

The baby is home tonight with her grandmother who has a message for women suffering in silence.

“And everything she wanted for them you know they will have regardless of that,” said Kim Davis, mother of Da’Ja Davis.

Daja Davis leaves behind five children after she was allegedly killed by her boyfriend, Napoleon Crane. Now her mother, Kim Davis, is left to look after her grandchildren right before the holidays.

“It’s hard on them. The first three, it’s hard because they remember their mom,” she said.

Davis’s family members say Da’Ja was a super mom and was known for going above and beyond for her kids.

“Every game they got. We have a new shirt that we are wearing because she made us shirts,” Davis said.

Davis says the last time she spoke with her daughter was when she was moving into her new home, the day she was murdered.

“I think I’ve been moving and helping her move, and maybe she’d still be here,” she said.

Police say Crane allegedly shot Davis. He then took their six-month-old daughter and fled to Pennsylvania. On the way, he got into a shootout with law enforcement in West Virginia where police say he eventually took his own life.

According to Davis, this was a complete shock.

“Like I said, she was very private. She would say, ‘Well, don’t, don’t, don’t get involved in this. Let me handle this.’ It was no reason for me to even think that anything like this would ever occur,” Davis said.

Davis asks anyone dealing with domestic violence to speak up.

“You have to protect yourself and your kids, but you can’t do that in silence,” she said. “You have to open your mouth.”

The family will have a balloon release and vigil for Da’Ja on Wednesday at Howell Park at 5 p.m. They ask that those who attend bring yellow balloons and donate to help with funeral expenses. Find more information here.