BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) — Devin Page’s mother, Tye Toliver, has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Prudent Acquisitions, L.L.C., the real estate company that owns the rental property, and ABC Insurance Company, the insurance company that represents Prudent Acquisitions, L.L.C.

Toliver has always said Devin would be alive today if she was let out of her lease.

“I said that you know if me and my kids are not removed out of this house or whatever, that one of us will end up being killed,” she said.

Now, the family wants the landlord to be held accountable. The lawsuit alleges, Toliver reported multiple violent incidents to the real estate company. Toliver asked that she be allowed to move or end the lease agreement. According to the lawsuit, a representative with the real estate company told Toliver she cannot terminate her lease and if Toliver did so, she would be reported to the credit bureau—which could make it harder for her to get another place.

“We think that the actions of predatory landlords cannot be tolerated in our community,” said Michael Adams, DeCuir & Adam Law Firm.

The BRproud team went to the address on file for Prudent Acquisitions, the real-estate company being sued. A person told us they were not Prudent and that we needed to contact the law firm representing them.

The law firm never called us back.

Attorney Michael Adams is representing the Toliver family. Adams says Devin’s death could have been avoided if the landlord provided proper safety protocols.

“There’s a responsibility that landlords must play,” said Adams. “If you’re going to take people’s money and enter a contract with them and you are going to hold them to those contracts, then they ought to be initialed to live in a safe place.”

In September, the East Baton Rouge Metro Council passed ‘Devins Law‘ which encourages landlords to put in security cameras. Adams says this lawsuit emphasizes the importance of Devin’s Law.

“We can’t do anything to bring that child back, but what we can do is that we can make it better for others in the future,” said Adams.

Toliver is seeking the following damages:

  • The decedent’s, Devin Page, Jr., pain prior to his death
  • The decedent’s, Devin Page, Jr., mental anguish and anxiety prior to his death
  • The decedent’s, Devin Page, Jr., scarring and disfigurement suffered prior to death
  • The decedent’s, Devin Page, Jr., funeral expenses
  • Plaintiffs’ loss of love, affection, social consortium, and services
  • Plaintiffs’ mental anguish and anxiety
  • Plaintiffs’ loss of support
  • Plaintiffs’ medical expenses
  • Plaintiffs’ loss of enjoyment of life
  • Any other damages both general and special will be more fully proven at trial

“It is very very trying for us,” said Cathy Toliver, grandmother of Devin Page Jr. “We need to start the healing process.”

The full lawsuit is available here.