It was only a matter of time — the human washing machine

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If they can build a car wash for cars and a washing machine for clothing, why not a human wash for people?

It’s no longer a dream — the Human Washing Machine is here.

Developed by Matti Paaso of Finland, his deceptively simple device easily installs in a shower. Its roller washes you like a roller washing a car.

“It can be used by the elderly or handicapped, who may prefer to shower naked by themselves, without the help of a nurse or other care provider,” Paaso writes on his website, “It can also be used by young, active people (for example sportsmen and bodybuilders), who from time to time may prefer a machine-assisted showering experience (for instance, due to sore muscles).”

For only $5,153.61 (that’s 4,600 Euros), the Human Washing Machine can be yours.

If you need convincing on the function and effectiveness of the device, Paaso features a YouTube video of himself demonstrating the machine (he’s wearing swimming trunks to keep the video safe for viewing).

You can view Matti Paaso’s video here, or at his website here.

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