VIRAL VIDEO: “Karma hits boaters” after alleged harassment on lake

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MOSES LAKE, WA. (BRPROUD) – A family day of tubing, swimming and listening to music turned dramatic on a lake over the weekend.

On Sunday, May 30, a family of four and an emotional support dog were on Moses Lake in Washington when an incident unfolded that has since gone viral.

Robbie was a passenger on a boat along with his brother, girlfriend and brother’s partner.

Around 7 p.m., Robbie’s brother (@uhohbigboi) filmed videos that have been viewed around 13.5 million times.

Robbie describes how events unfolded on the lake this way:

We had taken our boat out to the Blue Heron Park vicinity. Our boat, as it usually had, displayed my personal rainbow flag from one of my first pride events. As well as a trans pride flag and new addition, our progress pride flag that displays stripes supporting people of color and trans individuals. My brother also had displayed a smaller rainbow flag of his own from his first pride event.

The four of them had just finished tubing when they noticed a boat heading their way.

“The boat approached quickly and due to our music playing and their boat motor, I personally only heard the female passenger shout something unintelligible and witness what I first assumed was her flipping us off as they went by,” according to Robbie.

A second pass was made by the other boat and the term “gays” was allegedly used by the occupants.

More passes followed and Robbie says the boaters were shouting words like “gays” and other jeers.

Robbie’s brother mentioned that “they are doing this to humiliate us. They’re causing waves to rock us back and forth and we can’t say anything or they’ll keep doing it.”

After multiple passes, the boat left the area leaving a cloud of smoke in its wake.

Within moments, a loud backfire and sputter were heard coming from the boat that had just left the scene.

Black smoke was seen rising from the boat and after trying to restart the boat, an explosion occurred which led to the driver of Robbie’s boat saying “Holy crap! They blew up!”

The driver of Robbie’s boat immediately went to provide assistance to the now wet boaters in the water.

A female passenger screamed, “”HELP US! WE’RE BURNING,” according to Robbie.

A rescue ensued that took place within a few feet of the still burning boat.

After leaving the scene of the fire, 911 was called and a police boat stopped by to make sure everyone was ok.

Robbie says, “all 3 passengers appeared to be singed across their faces, arms and legs but everyone eventually admitted to not needing immediate medical attention.”

The boat fire was put out and the rescued boaters were taken to to their friend’s boat.

Robbie recounts what happened on the way to the boat in his words:

We kept to ourselves mostly as our driver attempted to calm the female passenger and have them delivered to their friends of which they insisted we take them to. The passengers were quite rude, shouting over us, ignoring my inquiries about their well being when on the 911 call and smoking a Vape pen on our boat without even so much as asking if they could; several passengers of our boat have asthma. The driver of the other boat did not speak much but simply sat at the back of the boat, staring off into the water while shaking his head to himself.

Robbie says that no one said thank you upon disembarking the boat.

The group later viewed the videos and concluded that they appear to show the other boat passengers “directly badgering us simply for displaying our LGBTQ pride flags.”

The Grant County Sheriff’s Office is responding after watching the viral video.

GCSO released this statement about the incident:

The incident appears to show a blue vessel circling another vessel, and an occupant of the blue vessel extending a middle finger toward the person recording the incident. The video also shows the blue vessel ablaze and the occupants of the blue vessel swimming toward the vessel recording the incident.

The investigation into this incident is ongoing and more information will be provided if it is made available.

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