FALLING WATERS, Wv (BRPROUD) — What started off as a normal day for Megan Condry, ended with a science experiment. Condry shared a post to her Facebook wall shocked at the condition of a McDonald’s burger she purchased five years ago.

She says she purchased the burger on Nov. 2, 2017 for lunch on her way to work and forgot about the burger. She found the burger five days later in her backseat and decided to keep it.

“I decided to keep it because in the 5 days it had not molded, smelled, or looked bad so I wanted to see what a few years would do,” said Condry.

The burger sat in her closet since 2017 inside of the McDonald’s bag.

On Feb. 2, Condry found the burger and removed it from the bag. She was amazed to see the burger contained no foul odor or mold.

“I found my McDonald’s cheeseburger…it looks exactly the same, just hard as a rock!” said Condry.

She said the burger looks like the day she bought it.