BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) – Nearly 20 percent of marriages and intimate partnerships will experience physical violence, according to the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy.

In Louisiana, a number of relationships are torn apart by domestic abuse.

While anyone can become a victim of this form of violence, statistics indicate the majority of individuals who experience abuse at the hands of an intimate partner are female.

A 2021 report that analyzed homicides committed in 2019 ranked Louisiana as fifth in the nation, and revealed that Louisiana’s rate of women murdered by men remained 85 percent higher than the national average, at 2.18 homicides per 100,000 females.

On Halloween night, deputies with the East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office (EBRSO) were called to the scene of a local incident of domestic abuse that played out in the presence of a small child.

According to an official report, EBRSO identified 25-year-old Richard Jauregui as a suspect who, after engaging in a verbal argument with his partner of four years, ended up “grabbing her by the neck” before he “pushed her into the driver’s side of” a vehicle.

The document goes on to say Jauregui “then began striking her repeatedly.”

In their official report, deputies say the woman fought back and did not sustain injuries.

In contrast, deputies noted that Jauregui had “red marks on the right side of his forehead, a scratch on the right side of his neck, a bloody bottom lip, and a scratch on the left cheek.”

Richard Jauregui / Mugshot provided by EBRSO

According to EBRSO, the woman told deputies Jauregui mentioned something about getting a weapon and went on to say she even saw him hiding guns shortly after their fight.

Deputies say Jauregui denied both physically assaulting his partner and being in possession of any guns.

But authorities found guns exactly where the woman claimed she’d seen Jauregui hide them, and discovered that the weapons had been stolen.

Jauregui was arrested and booked into East Baton Rouge Parish Prison on charges of domestic abuse battery- child endangerment and illegal possession of stolen firearms.

Assistance for survivors of domestic violence is available in English, Spanish, and a host of other languages on a daily basis via the National Domestic Violence Hotline: 800-799-7233.