BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) — LSU students are putting their resources together, to make a difference for the people in Jackson. The need for clean water is still an issue in Mississippi’s capital. 

LSU’s Black Student Union (BSU) and other organizations are collecting water to send to Jackson, Mississippi. Residents there claim the water crisis isn’t over yet.

“We went to boil water to no water and now we don’t have trash pick up,” said Jackson resident, Jessica Dixon.

She said many people are still in desperate need of clean water, a problem they’ve been struggling with for months now.

“Now the water pressure is back, but we don’t know the condition of the water,” she explained.

BSU’s water drive is taking place at the African American Cultural Center.

“Many people were worried about having clean, equitable access to clean water simply because many people were buying up water at supermarkets and boiling the water,” said BSU Events Director Celcey Carpenter. “And there was also, of course, a water shortage because of that. So we were like, how can we give back?”

Donations began to flood in.

“We really just want to contribute as much as we can as a college organization here on campus,” said BSU Vice President Adonis Hughes. “We do have prizes going on as a friendly competition between the organizations here on campus.”

Dixon said these donations will hopefully reach people who may not have the transportation to get clean water.

“They don’t have people to come to pick them up or to even think about bringing them water,” she explained.

LSU’s Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. members will load the water into a U-Haul, and take off to Jackson.

“We’re going to take the truck to Jackson, Mississippi, around maybe 12 p.m. on Sunday and drop it off at a church, and then we’ll go from there. We’ll actually be able to see Jackson, Mississippi for what it is,” BSU and Omega Psi Phi member Tre’Jean Boudreaux.

“For some, it’s like after-thought now, but the fact that y’all are thinking about us two months later is really sweet,” Dixon expressed.

The water drive was a day-long event.

“We know that this donation here is just a small part of the crisis that’s going on, but just know that you’re in our thoughts, we’re in your corner and have however we can help, we’re here,” said BSU President Lauryn Sweet.

BSU is having a special water drive block party tonight at the African American Cultural Center from 5 P.M. to 8 P.M.

If you miss the water drive, they say you can still drop off donations on Saturday.