LAFAYETTE PARISH, La. (KLFY) Neighborhoods nationwide, including here in Lafayette Parish, are finding ways to have fun during the stay-at-home order.

One of those ideas: A bear hunt.

In fact, the bear hunt is trending on social media and News Ten’s Mariah Hester shows us how this works.

“As we get out with our kids, we can hopefully find a new bear, everyday.​”

Residents are putting teddy bears on their windows and porches so their neighbors can hunt them down. It’s called a bear hunt.

A youngsville resident says this activity is fun for all ages during the coronavirus pandemic.

“Since we’re all literally stuck at home and you know the only thing that you can technically do is take a walk around our neighborhoods, we figured why not kind of make something fun out of it.”

She says the activity is perfect for family bonding.

“Anywhere that we can just get our kids out and active and give ourselves something to do and have fun with them. that’s basically the whole idea of why i wanted to share it.”

Residents are sharing the idea with their neighbors on social media. Then, they communicate through a group chat to keep the hunt safe.

A Lafayette resident says the bear hunt practices social distancing while uniting her community.​

​”We know that there’s some real stresses in our lives so its a way to kind of move away from that and resort back to community.”

Several neighborhoods in surrounding parishes are participating as well.

In Lafayette, Mariah Hester, KLFY News 10