MONROE, LA (KTVE/KARD)– Hurricane Laura hit Northeast Louisiana Thursday morning, leaving many Monroe residents shocked by the outcome of the storm

“It just kept building and building and for a while there I thought it was over but that was actually the beginning of it. Then it got worse and we started losing trees,” said Simeon Strickland, Resident impacted by hurricane Laura.

For one local, the worries ran high and the aftermath was emotional.

“My grandchildren, this is their play area where they play at and I come here and the tree is all crashed down and on that stuff, I’m just very emotional,” said Melba Yeldell, Resident impacted by hurricane Laura.

The Lakeshore Subdivision in Monroe experienced a lot of downed trees across streets, yards, houses, power lines, and even around Lakeshore Elementary School. Residents say they will never forget the fast winds that blew through the community.

“You could hear the wind snapping the trees off as it came. So we lost a couple of trees at our house and my shed got smashed,” said Strickland.

Though Laura left a mess to clean up, these neighbors are leaning on each other and say they’ll help in any way possible.

“Neighbors are already coming out with some chainsaws, they are already working sooner than I thought,” said Strickland.

“That’s what Louisiana people do, help each other,” said Yeldell.

Residents in the Lakeshore drive area say they don’t have power currently, but crews were out after the storm cutting up trees that had fallen across the roads. Monroe residents say they are thankful no one was injured.