SCOTLANDVILLE, La. (BRPROUD) — Buildings on Scotland Avenue have been forgotten about for years. Now, local developers are doing what it takes to rebuild this historic area.

Developer Queen Muhammad Ali and her husband Hakeem Khaaliq are turning the red brick building into the Scotlandville Museum of Modern Art.

“It’s been neglected for over 50 years,” said Ali.

“There’s been few developments here and there, but nothing that’s a major impact to the culture of this community and that’s why there are so many people that move out of the area,” said Ali.

The museum will be free to the public and include art from locals and aims to attract International’s as well.

“Allowing artists from New Orleans from here will and inviting them to Scotlandville will really help that change of the void of culture,” said Ali.

Artists involved say the museum provides younger kids an opportunity to express themselves.

“For me personally, you’re going to see something along the lines of what I like to call black expressionism,” said Mike Weary, a local artist. “I take the experiences of blacks, people of color and try to embody that in different strokes.”

The couple is also working on the Housing for Heroes development. It’s an affordable housing project for frontline workers that will be funded by the American Rescue Plan.

“This is really something we want to provide loft apartments, not just slump apartments that are just put up for profit. We want to make sure our people are in the best conditions,” said Ali.

The team says the goal for both of the investments is to keep young people in Scotlandville and rebuild the area together.

The museum is expected to be complete by Spring 2023. The housing development should be done about six months after that.