BATON ROUGE (KTAL/KMSS) — A new year means new laws for the state of Louisiana. More than 30 of the bills passed during the 2022 Louisiana legislative session and signed into law by Gov. John Bel Edwards will take effect on Jan.1, and they cover a wide range of topics.

Among them are new laws targeting fraudulent online sellers and delinquent taxpayers. Another aims to keep “foreign countries of concern” – and their money – out of local politics. Other laws aim to protect kids, homebuyers, and diabetes patients or help pregnant women struggling with opioid addiction. A few specifically target insurance company tactics denying or limiting coverage.

Here is a look at some of the new laws that will go into effect in Louisiana on January 1, 2023.

Elections and politics

Act 741 provides for post-election tabulation audits of paper records, including absentee ballots, but stipulates that the provisions of the new law shall not be implemented until after the
procurement and implementation of a new voting system by the secretary of state.

Act 765 requires detailed disclosures from state agencies and political subdivisions about gifts or grants valued at $50,000 or more, especially from any “foreign country of concern.” Any applicants for grants must also disclose any interests from such countries.

Healthcare and health insurance

Act 166 prohibits health insurance issuers from pending, delaying, or denying payment to a healthcare provider for rendered healthcare services solely on the basis of the insured’s failure to provide the issuer with notice of the existence of an additional plan or lack thereof.

Act 309 requires drug treatment facilities to provide treatment for opioid use disorder to pregnant women.

Act 501 provides for health insurance coverage of genetic testing for critically ill infants with no diagnosis.

Act 513 requires all licensed hospitals and healthcare providers in Louisiana to provide victims of sexually-oriented criminal offenses with information about emergency contraception.

Act 619 requires pediatric day health care facilities to provide for the installation and operation of cameras at their premises.

Under Act 703 health coverage plans in Louisiana will no longer be allowed to limit or exclude coverage for a minor for a drug approved by the FDA if prescribed for a use different from what the drug was approved, as long as the drug is prescribed by a licensed healthcare professional and is medically necessary for the treatment of a life-threatening, chronic, or seriously debilitating disease or condition. The drug also has to be recognized for treatment of that disease or condition in children.

Act 724 places limits on how much health coverage plans can require enrollees to pay for insulin prescriptions, regardless of the amount or type of insulin, and requires health coverage plans to include at least one insulin from each therapeutic class. The Inflation Reduction Act passed earlier this year includes a $35 a month limit on what patients pay out of pocket for insulin, but that’s only for those with Medicare.

Protecting children

Act 440 allows for commercial entities to be held liable for publishing or distributing material harmful to minors on the internet. It also requires providers to ensure reasonable age verification on websites.

Act 662 requires all mandatory reporters to report alleged sex trafficking to the Department of Children and Family Services regardless of whether there is alleged parental or caretaker involvement, and requires DCFS to communicate as soon as possible all reports involving alleged child victims of sex trafficking to La. State Police for referral to local law enforcement.

Act 745 requires criminal background checks for those applying for an educator credential or teaching authorization; to require criminal background checks upon the renewal, advancement, or other modification of an existing certification or teaching authorization. The law also authorizes the state Department of Education to charge a fee for such purposes.

Motor vehicles and taxes

Act 578 imposes a road usage fee of up to $110 per year on each electric vehicle and
an annual road usage fee of up to $60 per year on each hybrid vehicle operated on state

Act 701 allows for a driver’s license to be suspended or denied renewal if the person fails to pay state income taxes.

Safety and consumer protections

Under changes passed to existing law in Act 458, carbon monoxide detectors will be required in every one or two-family home sold or leased in Louisiana starting Jan. 1, 2023.

Act 316 requires that online marketplaces require “high-volume third party sellers” to provide banking and payee information within 10 days after qualifying as such on the platform. Such sellers are also required to maintain updated banking, identity, and contact information. The law allows online marketplace to suspend any future sales of the seller if they falsely represent their sales volume in order to circumvent certain requirements.

Insurance & protecting homeowners

Among the dozens of new laws taking effect are some addressing the troubled insurance industry in Louisiana and how homeowners are treated in the wake of disasters.

Act 558 requires companies to pay three months of the increased cost of living required for members of an household in the event of the total loss of an insured dwelling, under certain conditions.

Under Act 434, insurance companies will also now have to cover losses suffered by homeowners who are not allowed to access their residential property during an emergency or disaster, even if the property itself is not damaged, in cases where damage to a neighboring property poses a danger.

Act 581 requires property sellers to notify the buyers of certain information regarding the property, including whether the purchaser is obligated to be a member of the homeowners’ association in the community in which he is purchasing the property. The new law also requires the seller to notify the purchaser of whether the residential property is subject to a common regime of restrictive covenants or building restrictions, or both.

Below is a list of the bills signed into law by Gov. Edwards from the 2022 legislative session that will go into effect on Jan. 1, 2023.

InstrumentAuthorStatus & Description
HB83SCHLEGELSigned by the Governor – Act 434
INSURANCE/HOMEOWNERS:  Provides for civil authority prohibited use coverage
HB142SCHLEGELSigned by the Governor – Act 440
LIABILITY/CIVIL:  Provides for liability for publishers and distributors of material harmful to minors
HB192ZERINGUESigned by the Governor – Act 116
UNEMPLOYMENT COMP:  Provides for the unemployment compensation procedure to be applied by the administrator for 2023 calendar year 
HB202MIKE JOHNSONSigned by the Governor – Act 728
CAMPAIGN FINANCE DISCLOS:  Requires political committees to include specified information on the statement of organization
HB278ECHOLSSigned by the Governor – Act 457
INSURANCE/HEALTH:  Provides requirements for the Psychiatric Collaborative Care Model 
HB287WILLARDSigned by the Governor – Act 328
TAX/OCCUPATIONAL:  Requires the annual occupational license tax levied on certain computer programming businesses to be set at a flat rate
HB293HILFERTYSigned by the Governor – Act 458
FIRE PROTECT/FIRE MARSHAL:  Provides relative to carbon monoxide detectors
HB317WILLARDSigned by the Governor – Act 331
INSURANCE/POLICIES:  Provides for hurricane, named storm, and wind and hail deductibles
HB339COUSSANSigned by the Governor – Act 166
INSURANCE/HEALTH:  Provides relative to coordination of benefits requirements
HB384WHEATSigned by the Governor – Act 619
HEALTH CARE/FACILITIES:  Requires pediatric day health care facilities to provide for installation and operation of cameras at their premises
HB521HUVALSigned by the Governor – Act 157
INSURERS:  Provides for catastrophe response plans
HB586THOMASSigned by the Governor – Act 553
REAL ESTATE:  Provides limited authority to the Louisiana Real Estate Commission to access certain criminal history record information of licensees and applicants
HB677JORDANSigned by the Governor – Act 724
INSURANCE/HEALTH:  Provides relative to cost sharing for insulin prescriptions
HB682BROWNSigned by the Governor – Act 389
INSURANCE DEPARTMENT:  Provides for a claims adjuster database
HB831FIRMENTSigned by the Governor – Act 558
INSURANCE/HOMEOWNERS:  Provides for additional living expense coverage
HB856GEYMANNSigned by the Governor – Act 559
INSURANCE/PROPERTY:  Provides for an appraisal clause in residential property insurance policies
HB866FRIEMANSigned by the Governor – Act 60
INSURERS:  Provides for minimum capital and surplus requirements for certain domestic insurers
HB924EDMONDSSigned by the Governor – Act 741
ELECTIONS:  Provides for post-election tabulation audits of paper records including absentee ballots 
HB935BOYDSigned by the Governor – Act 575
INSURERS:  Provides for catastrophe claims adjusters
HB1031FREIBERGSigned by the Governor – Act 578
MOTOR VEHICLES:  Imposes a road usage fee on certain electric and hybrid vehicles
HB1058HOLLISSigned by the Governor – Act 581
PROPERTY/IMMOVABLE:  Provides relative to property disclosures regarding building restrictions and restrictive covenants
HB1061HUGHESSigned by the Governor – Act 513
HEALTH/WOMEN’S:  Provides for procedures for victims of sexually-oriented criminal offenses
SB21ROBERT MILLSSigned by the Governor – Act 74
INSURANCE POLICIES:  Provides relative to requirements for approved unauthorized insurers.
SB63MIZELLSigned by the Governor – Act 662
CHILDREN/FAMILY SERVICES DEPT:  Provides for the duties of the Department of Children and Family Services regarding victims of child sex trafficking.
SB90ROBERT MILLSSigned by the Governor – Act 589
HEALTH/ACC INSURANCE:  Provides relative to network adequacy for health insurer benefit plans.
SB154TALBOTSigned by the Governor – Act 501
HEALTH/ACC INSURANCE:  Provides for health insurance coverage of genetic testing for critically ill infants with no diagnosis.
SB163TALBOTSigned by the Governor – Act 80
INSURANCE CLAIMS:  Provides for catastrophe claims process disclosure
SB168ABRAHAMSigned by the Governor – Act 259
INSURANCE POLICIES:  Provides relative to commercial insurance
SB212STINESigned by the Governor – Act 591
INSURANCE CLAIMS:  Establishes the Hurricane Mediation Program.
SB235ALLAINSigned by the Governor – Act 685
TAX/LOCAL:  Authorizes parishes to contract with the Louisiana Sales and Use Tax Commission for Remote Sellers for the collection of local sales and use tax
SB268MIZELLSigned by the Governor – Act 309
HEALTH CARE:  Provides relative to opioid treatment programs for pregnant women.
SB389REESESigned by the Governor – Act 701
TAX/INCOME/PERSONAL:  Provides relative to the suspension of driver’s licenses for failure to pay taxes. 
SB394BERNARDSigned by the Governor – Act 703
INSURANCE POLICIES:  Requires coverage for drugs under certain conditions and the drug is approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration. 
SB442WARDSigned by the Governor – Act 316
CONSUMERS/PROTECTION:  Provides relative to certain third-party sellers on the online marketplace.
SB443ALLAINSigned by the Governor – Act 428
TAX/SALES:  Provides for direct payment of state and local sales tax on purchases by certain taxpayers.
SB471MILLIGANSigned by the Governor – Act 765
CONTRACTS:  Provides for foreign sources to fund certain gifts and contracts to the state or political subdivisions

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