BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) — Michael Tyler, 51, better known as Mystikal, was back in an Ascension Parish court Monday and pleading not guilty to 10 charges including first-degree rape. His attorneys said these allegations are false and this was all done for money.

“My late father was a wise man and he used to say when you hear the sound of hooves always think horses, not zebras,” said Tyler’s Attorney Joel Pearce.

Tyler was arrested on charges including first-degree rape after allegedly raping and choking a woman at his home on Saturday, July 30. Other charges include simple robbery, damage to property, domestic abuse battery, strangulation, false imprisonment, and five counts of drug possession. The drugs that were allegedly found in Tyler’s home include heroin, meth, Xanax, and marijuana.

The hip-hop legend is facing life behind bars if convicted. His attorneys Pearce and Timothy Yazbek say the accusations are all false. Lawyers are confident Mystikal will be cleared on the rape charge.

“When you’re a celebrity and you have money it makes people do really really strange things and behave in strange ways,” Pearce said.

This isn’t the first time Tyler has been accused of sexual assault. In 2003, he plead guilty to sexual battery and served six years in prison. And in 2016, he was accused of kidnapping and sexual assault, but those charges were dropped.

“Last time he was facing life and we represented him in Caddo Parish, I mean we understand the responsibility of having a client that is facing life in prison and Michael Tyler as well and that case worked itself out,” Yazbek said.

A spokesperson from the Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Office said the victim was “distraught” and sustained “obvious physical injuries” in the attack.

A bond hearing is set for Oct. 17. Yazbek and Pearce plan to ask the judge for a bond reduction.

“I think as a celebrity sometimes trouble finds him and I think right now I believe that Joel would echo this sentiment that he is the victim in this circumstance,” Yazbeck said.