An LSU graduate and artist turned his passion into profit after selling custom LSU jackets. 

Joseph Turpin says painting has been his passion since he was a child, but when he got older and received a Fine Arts degree, he often wondered if he was going down the right path. 

“Everyone was [asking me] ‘what are you going to do as an art major?’”, Turpin said. 

It wasn’t until a gift for his wife gained popularity on social media that he decided to bring his love for the LSU Tigers from his canvas to clothing.

“I didn’t know it was going to be such a big thing,” Turpin said. “A lot of people love them.”

Turpin has sold his LSU jackets to fans around the country. He says he’s honored his artwork is featured on the backs of LSU fans. 

Courtesy: Joseph Turpin

“Doing something that I love and the subject matter being LSU, that’s two birds in one stone,” he said. 

Whether sporting Coach Orgeron, Joe Burrow or a tiger on your back, Turpin says his career choice may have seemed askew to most, but he’s happy he followed his heart. 

Courtesy: Joseph Turpin

“I’m a major tiger fan since I was a kid so it’s awesome to be able to paint what you love,” Turpin said. 

Turpin says after the football season is over, he plans on making customized Mardi Gras jackets.