(KLFY) — The Louisiana State Superintendent of Education, Dr. Cade Brumley, again confirmed there’s “no statewide mask mandate in effect for the upcoming school year.”

Dr. Brumley said masking requirements – if any – will be made at the local school system level.

“There will be no state-wide masking mandate for our schools that will be a local decision,” Brumley added.
According to the Louisiana Board of Educations’ “Ready to Achieve!” COVID-19-related operational guidance released on July 8, 2021:

“All passengers on the school bus must wear a facial covering regardless of capacity,” the guideline reads.

“The only exception will be on school buses. There’s an executive order by President Biden that calls for masking on public transportation which is inclusive of our school buses,” the superintendent said.

The President of the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education, Sandy Holloway, issued a statement further explaining:

“Decisions regarding masking and other prevention measures are best made by those closest to our students, and Louisiana’s local school systems have the authority to develop COVID-19 policies appropriate for their communities.”

The superintendent also explained the decision to allow local systems develop face mask policies specific to the district.

“We have worked with our Louisiana Department of Health.  We have put out our best practices for the operation of schools for next year; but we believe that local nuances do exist, and we want to give room for that,” Brumley stated.

The LDE’s guidance can be found here: ready-to-achieve!-2021-2022-school-operational-guidelines.pdf (louisianabelieves.com).