ZACHARY, La (BRPROUD) – Hold on to your taste buds, there’s some new flavor in town! Celebrity Chef Michelle Coverson and local entrepreneur Lloyd Ruffin have joined forces to bring the most flavor filled, authentic creole cuisine to Zachary, La.

This timeless collaboration came about after the duo had countless interactions behind Ruffins’ world famous Red Velvet Cake. After Coverson catered a 2020 Holiday Party at one of Ruffin’s establishments, they knew they simply had to continue working together.

That relationship birthed Brunch Junkie, Zachary’s first and only brunch location. Brunch Junkie is the place where you can hang out with your girlfriends, significant other or family and enjoy excellent food, conversation and all around good vibes. Moods are known to instantly change when patrons walk through the door.

The Venue

If you’re simply passing down Old Scenic Highway, the logo outside of the building alone entices you to step onto the wild side where modern contemporary meets street. The owners wanted this location to be different than any business either of them have ever had. They managed to create an airy feel with the open floor dining room concept. The graffiti on the back wall is vibrant and full of color. It encourages you to think happy thoughts once you are inside.

When you’re in need of a little pick me up, Brunch Junkie can surely change your mood.

The Menu

“Bradley’s Buffalo Chicken” Photo Courtesy of Briana Augustus

With features named after some of the most important people in their lives, surely there is something on the that will definitely put you in a food coma when you are finished dining.

Live on the wild side with a breakfast sandwich with a very flavor packed punch. Named after Coverson’s grandson, “Bradley’s Buffalo Chicken” is a Waffle Sandwich filled with Buffalo Chicken, Mozzarella Cheese, Arugula, a Blue Cheese-Buffalo Spread, topped with a Buffalo-Sour Cream drizzle and served with french fries.

Here’s a dish that will surely give your buds a run! Named after Coverson’s favorite aunt. “My Girl Meryl: is sure not to disappoint. It’s a Sweet Potato Waffle (sweet potato chunks not puree), with a Crispy Chicken Breast, topped with Fresh Pecan Butter and a Bourbon Maple Syrup. WARNING: This dish will have you uncontrollably dancing for no apparent reason. It’s just that good!

“My Girl Meryl” Photo Courtesy of Briana Augustus

Love a good and hearty omelet? “The Keeping up with Brice” could be just your speed. Named after Ruffins’ son Brice, it’s a trendsetter and resides in a lane of its own. It features Spicy Italian Sausage, Brown Sugar Ham, Crispy Bacon, Onions, Mushrooms, Spinach and is topped with Cheddar Jack Cheese.

Tell em to Kiss Your Grits with any of these fan faves. Actor Lamman Rucker’s favorite is the “Fish and Grits”. It consists of seasoned to perfection catfish with a seafood sauce served over Creamy Stone Ground Grits. Need some shrimp? The “Shrimp and Grits” offers Jumbo Shrimp in a Mouthwatering Butter Sauce served over Creamy Stone Ground Grits. It’s not Mardi Gras yet but you can definitely Laissez Bon Temps Rouler with the “Mardi Gras Grits”. It features a combination of Shrimp, Chicken, Andouille Sausage, Onions and Bell Peppers served over Creamy Stone Ground Grits. Whew! We’re hungry just thinking about it.

Got a sweet tooth? Maybe they can entice you with “Pay J’s Triple Chocolate Cake” named after Ruffins’ daughter. Chocolate not your thing? Well we’re sold on “Aria’s Apple Pie Egg Rolls” with a Caramel Sauce. It’s definitely like an apple pie and an egg roll had a baby. It’s absolutely divine.

“Aria’s Apple Pie Egg Rolls” Photo Courtesy of Briana Augustus

Mimosa Me Please! What’s brunch without mimosas? Patrons can choose from any of their four signature mimosa flavors which are Original, Strawberry, Pomegranate and Watermelon.

“Mimosa Me Please” Photo Courtesy of Briana Augustus

There’s so much more currently being offered and soon to come on this extensive menu. To take a look at what is currently available click here.

Biscuit of the Month

“The Island Pig” Photo Courtesy of Briana Augustus

Want a taste of the islands gal? Then the October biscuit of the month is sure to have you asking “Is it time for vacation yet?” “The Island Pig” is the perfect blend of savory and sweet. It’s a Mango Chili Biscuit with Pulled Jerk Pork tossed in a Mango Chili Glaze topped with a fresh Mano Salsa. (We know your mouth is watering.)

It’s what you would get if a pig karate chopped some mangoes and limes, simmered it down into a warm glaze, lathered it on their body and served it on a biscuit. The thing is just plain ol’ delicious. Get it before it jerks away.

“The Little Bluebird” Photo Courtesy of Michelle Coverson

The September Biscuit of the Month just flew but it was definitely one for the books and just may have to resurge at some point. “The Little Bluebird” was a Homemade Blueberry Biscuit with a Crispy Fried Chicken Breast topped with a Blueberry Cream Sauce served with eggs and breakfast potatoes.

Record number was 97 biscuits in one day!

Now Hiring

Like many businesses, Brunch Junkie is looking to beef up staffing so that they can continue to provide a top of the line experience to patrons.

If you are in need of employment, Brunch Junkie is currently looking for additional kitchen and wait staff. Fill out your application today by clicking here.

About Chef Michelle Coverson

Chef Michelle Coverson has been cooking since she was child with lot’s of her early inspiration coming from shows on LPB. Early in her career she was mentored by Louisiana Cooking guru Paul Prudhomme who really helped her develop her taste buds. Coverson recalls. “If you couldn’t break down what was in a seasoning mix there was no way Paul was letting you near his food.”

After attending culinary arts school at La Cordon Bleu Seattle, Chef Coverson spent time working in the LSU Dining Hall with Charley Casrill who challenged her food creativity. Those simple conversations of throwing out food ideas is how Coverson creates dishes today. “When I’m creating something new I have to say it out loud as if I am talking to Charley. If I say this, what would he pair it with?”

Aviation Catering became a part of her routine at the recommendation of Denzel Washington. She unknowingly catered for him for a full month and a half at the request of his assistant. It wasn’t until his last day in town that she learned who she’d cooked for and that has led to her cooking for many celebrities who touch the Louisiana state line.

Even an expert still needs advice and guidance. Coverson says her business mentor Roy Dodez helped shape her into the entrepreneur that she is. He continues to keep her on track and pushing forward.

About Lloyd Ruffin

Local businessman Lloyd Ruffin is not new to business in the Baton Rouge area. He spent the early part of his career in Surgical Sales where he was the only black sales rep covering the Louisiana/Mississippi corridor.

He served 11 years in Army Medicine, 10 years at Charity Hospital in New Orleans and 15 years as a Surgical Sales Rep. After 29 years in the medical field he knew that it was time for a change as the industry began to change. He tapped into entrepreneurialism and has been very successful. His other establishments include:

  • 2015 Ruffin’s Downtown Daquiri Lounge
  • 2017 Ruffin’s II The Club House (Baker)
  • 2018 Ruffin’s III The Showroom (Event Space in Baker)
  • 2019 Ruffin’s IV Denham Springs
  • 2020 Ruffin’s Snow and Go (Baker)

Ruffin’s said, “The only way I wanted this collab to be was authentic. I wanted it to be unlike anything else that I have ever done. I know what the clubs and event spaces are like. I wanted something bright and full of energy. Brunch Junkie gives all of that.”