LAKE CHARLES, La. (KLFY) A nurse from New Orleans was part of a team that helped rescue three babies after Hurricane Laura hit Lake Charles.

Laura inflicted critical damage to a hospital in the area and because the newborns needed special medical attention they were taken to New Orleans.

Nurse Sandy Amato was also part of the team that helped evacuate babies from New Orleans to Lake Charles during Hurricane Katrina 15 years ago.

She says it felt good to help.

“When we went into the facility, of course the air conditioner was off, and that’s the whole and they lost water pressure and they lost their air conditioning system. So everything, the walls were wet, the floors were wet from the humidity, and it was just stifling. I’m not going to lie. I felt very rewarded that I was able to pay it back. Because they helped us, and we were to happy to help them. And I felt so good about it.”