BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) – Sweet foods have long delighted cultures across the globe.

Centuries ago, many nations lacked access to cane sugar, so they found other ways to sweeten their foods.

According to a site called Classroom, the ancient Greeks boiled grapes and utilized the fruit’s juice, seeds, and skins to add sweetness to dishes.

In addition to this, an ancient Hebrew proverb advises, “My son, eat honey; it is good. Honey straight from the honeycomb is the sweetest.”

Whether sweetness is derived from honey, boiled grapes, or cane sugar, enjoying a sweet treat is nothing new.

In fact, a balanced amount of sugar can brighten one’s mood and arm a person to face the battle that is Monday.

As this is the case, warriors of the dreaded Monday may be delighted to know that the start of this week marks two national holidays dedicated to the consumption of delectably sweet foods.

Not only is December 19 National Hard Candy Day, but it’s also National Oatmeal Muffin Day.

Some might use the holiday to brighten their Monday with their favorite hard candies. Others may opt on celebrating with a warm oatmeal muffin.

Hard candy is fairly easy to source. Popping into a local convenience store or market will typically yield a plethora of selections.

But it may be trickier to find an oatmeal muffin.

Locals can enjoy some of their favorite muffins by stopping by one of the locations listed below. That said, it may be best to call the bakery before stopping by, and ensure the location has oatmeal muffins in stock.

Whole Foods Market- 7529 Corporate Blvd. (225) 218-0452

The Ambrosia Bakery- 8546 Siegen Lane (225) 763-6489

Coffee Bean Cafe- 12177 Coursey Blvd. (225) 291-9870