BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) – A drink that’s been popular since the 1890s is celebrated in the U.S. on July 19, which is known as National Daiquiri Day. 

Some historians believe the sweet alcoholic beverage may actually have been served in Cuba well before the 1890s. 

For example, the Canchánchara was a proto-Daiquiri that Cuban revolutionaries were said to enjoy in the 19th century, it consisted of two parts rum to one part lemon juice, 

However, many historians credit an American ex-pat as the inventor of the drink we now know as the daiquiri. That man was a mining engineer named Sir Jennings S. Cox. 

One evening, Cox was entertaining fellow American guests at his home in Cuba, near the village of daiquirí, when he reportedly ran out of gin. 

The story goes that he hurried to the village market to find some other alcoholic beverage for his guests, and all he could find was a local rum—likely Bacardi. Historians say that in hopes of appeasing the more sensitive palates of his American guests, Cox mixed the local rum with lemon juice and sugar in a punch bowl.

His quick thinking resulted in the creation of the first drink of this sort to be called a daiquiri, which was named after the nearby village. 

Of course, it’s likely that Cox added sugar and ice to a drink that was already a local favorite and renamed it, but his efforts in creating the daiquiri were recognized by many.

In fact, by 1909, a U.S. Navy medical officer named Admiral Lucius W. Johnson tried Cox’s daiquiri and introduced it to the Army and Navy Club in Washington, D.C., which led to its popularity among Americans.  

On National Daiquiri Day, those who are of age are encouraged to responsibly enjoy their favorite daiquiri blend with friends. 

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