BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) — Louisiana officials express their concerns about the indictment of the officers involved in Ronald Greene’s death. Over three years ago, Ronald Greene was killed by five law enforcement officers. The officers were recently indicted on state charges by a federal grand jury in Union Parish. Police say two troopers have been placed on administrative leave because of the indictment.

Read the ACLU’s executive director’s words below.

The ACLU of Louisiana is calling for the termination and decertification of all officers indicted in Mr. Greene’s killing. Placing these troopers on administrative leave is not justice for Ronald Greene — it is instead a luxury that allows the officers who killed him to retire or resign and join any other law enforcement agency throughout the state. This lack of accountability is shocking because it means these troopers could be free to continue their pattern of abuse. 

If this type of violent behavior is left unchecked, it will certainly result in more brutality and more deaths. 

For years now, through our Justice Lab program, the ACLU of Louisiana has made calls for a radical transformation of policing and transparent relationships with the public. This year at the Capitol we also supported ACT 668, a new law that helps prevent rogue officers from being hired by other police departments, even if the officer is allowed to resign or retire as a result of disciplinary action. Our work to dismantle the systemic culture of violence, terror, and discrimination within our state’s law enforcement agencies is comprehensive and aimed at identifying root causes of misconduct so that they can be fixed, once and for all. Police accountability is at the forefront of that work.

We must finally break this pattern of allowing officers who act with impunity to continue working in this state. These agencies must start investigating misconduct in good faith and decertifying officers that should not have a badge here or elsewhere.

Alanah Odoms, ACLU Executive Director

Louisiana’s Governor John Bel Edwards shared the following statement:

I hope that the grand jury’s decision begins to bring some measure of peace to Mr. Greene’s family. As I have said before, the manner in which Mr. Greene was treated was criminal. I know that Col. Lamar Davis has reiterated that Louisiana State Police are committed to full cooperation in the ongoing investigations and legal proceedings. Justice must prevail. Mr. Greene’s family deserves nothing less.

Governor John Bel Edwards