KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Crews have stocked the stands with fan cutouts, including a couple surprise movie stars that apparently bleed royal blue.

The cutouts are a part of the “Fanbassador” program, which sought to raise money by selling cutouts with fans’ images to go toward a coronavirus relief fund.

Among the season ticket holders and a few political figures, the “Fanbassador” team decided to have a little fun. Now, a stormtrooper from “Star Wars” and Bernie from “Weekend At Bernie’s” will grace televisions across the country once more.

One fan who has a cutout in the stadium told FOX4 that he feels the program is a good way to help others during the pandemic.

“I think a lot of people right now don’t really know what they can do to give back, and when you have a chance to do something that’s cool and give back, I think that’s a great opportunity,” Jeremy Danner, a member of The Keep at Kauffman Stadium fan club, said.

Altogether, the Royals raised $14,000 through 700 fan cutouts. There are also 100 “dignitaries,” including Major Quinton Lucas and Royals Hall of Famer Frank White. 

It’s unclear which group the movie stars fall into.