POINTE COUPEE PARISH, La. (BRPROUD) — Pointe Coupee’s Fire Chief’s two-year-old son named AJ was traumatized after receiving 2nd and 3rd-degree burns on Sunday, Jan. 22.

Pointe Coupee Fire Chief, Aaron Edwards, is also a full-time employee of the Baton Rouge Fire Department. Edwards’s two-year-old son, AJ, was involved in a burn accident while visiting family in St. Charles. The accident resulted in significant burns to his neck and upper body.

Edwards seven-year-old made the phone call to his father who was currently on duty telling him about his little brother being burned.

“When he turned the camera around on facetime I noticed the ambulance and other first responders,” says Edwards. “My heart immediately dropped.”

The two-year-old was airlifted to the burn unit at Our Lady Of The Lourdes Children’s Hospital and admitted to ICU on arrival due to his traumatic injuries.

“That morning, my wife had made some coffee. She turned her head for two to three seconds, and within those two to three seconds he had pulled the coffee pot down,” says Edwards. “The coffee pot splashed on him and burnt through his shirt and unfortunately caused some severe burns.”

Aaron Jr. was treated in the emergency room and admitted to a high-intensity ward for support. According to Edwards, AJ will need surgery skin grafts for both his neck and chest.

It’s been a traumatic experience for a two-year-old. He understands that something hot burnt him says his father.

“To him right now everything is hot,” says Edwards. “When we try to give him some juice he says ‘It’s hot’ and ‘It hurts daddy.”

The Fire Department says “The road ahead will be long, and we humbly request your support.”

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