Police arrested a 59-year-old Baton Rouge daycare worker after the mother of a 2-year-old boy in her care alleged that the worker abused her son, causing him to go to the hospital.

Janice Washington of 13316 Meadow Lane faces one charge of cruelty to juveniles, and surveillance footage from the daycare at 4952 Stumberg Lane seems to confirm the mother’s allegations.

A Baton Rouge Police officer reviewed the footage, which showed that, after the child refused to lay down on a cot for a nap, Washington appeared to forcefully push his head down onto the cot, causing him to hit his face on the edge of the cot, according to an affidavit.

Washington then appeared to push the child’s head down onto the cot multiple times before flipping him over by grabbing his arm, which is when she noticed the injury to the child’s face and tried to clean it.

Washington later told an officer that the child “threw a fit” and hit his face on the cot himself, which was inconsistent with the surveillance video, the affidavit reveals.

The child’s mother filed a complaint while at Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Hospital and advised officers that her son was injured at daycare. Her explanation of what happened, which was included in the affidavit, matched the description of what the officer saw in the footage.

Responding officers observed bruising on the child’s nose and eye area and a cut on the bridge of his nose.