BATON ROUGE, La. (LOCAL 33) (FOX 44) — President Donald Trump will campaign for Republican gubernatorial challenger Eddie Rispone in Monroe, La. Wednesday, as contenders in Louisiana’s governor’s race seek to solidify their supporters.

“I don’t know how he does it,” Rispone said of Trump at a Republican women’s luncheon Tuesday. “He just keeps going forwards, fulfilling his promises that he said to America.”

But the president won’t be the only executive spending Wednesday in Monroe. Democratic Gov. John Bel Edwards will be nearby, thanking campaign volunteers Wednesday morning.

“Look, it’s the political season, so the president’s coming in and doing what his party expects him to do,” Edwards told reporters Tuesday, after meeting with a group of Baton Rouge community organizers. “But when it was governing time, he invited me to the White House nine times.”

Unlike Rispone’s rally with President Trump, Edwards’ event Wednesday will not feature national voices. There’s a reason for that, says LSU professor Joshua Darr.

“I think [Edwards] is trying to prove he’s a Louisiana Democrat of his own mold,” Darr said. “There’s more for Rispone to gain by bringing in national voices than there is for Edwards.”

Election Day is Nov. 16, and early voting runs through Saturday.