BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) — Voters in, around the capital region will select their representation in the Louisiana Senate, House of Representatives during the Nov. 18 election.

WVLA and WGMB primarily cover Ascension, Assumption, East Baton Rouge, East Feliciana, Iberville, Livingston, Point Coupee, St. Helena, West Baton Rouge and West Feliciana parishes. These are the multi-parish races, including judicial and legislative seats, affecting the viewing area.

The following races are in a runoff:

Republicans Robert Allain and Henry “Bo” LaGrange are vying to be the State Senator for the 21st District.
Tammi Fabre and Jeremy S. LaCombe, both Republicans, are running for the 18th District Senate seat.

Democrats Chauna Banks and Barbara West Carpenter are contending for the 63rd District seat in the House of Representatives.

Kellie Alford and Kellee Hennessy Dickerson, both Republicans, are in the race for the 64th District representative seat.

Brandon Ivey, Republican, and Lauren Ventrella, Republican, are competing for the 65th District representative position.

Republicans Emily Chenevert and “Richie” Edmonds are in the running for the 66th District representative seat.
The State Representative, 68th District, field consists of Belinda Creel Davis, Democrat, and Dixon McMakin, Republican.

Barbara Reich Freiberg, Republican, and “Steve” Myers, Democrat, are the last two in the State Representative, 70th District, race.

There’s also a seat on the 23rd Judicial District Court bench to be determined in Ascension and Assumption parishes. “Vicky” Jones, Republican, and Keyojuan Gant Turner, Democrat, are in the running.

Early voting is set for 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. Nov. 3-11 (excluding Sunday, Nov. 5 and Friday, Nov. 10 in honor of Veteran’s Day). Learn where you can cast early ballots here.

Which races are already determined?

Many races were declared with the Saturday, Oct. 14 primary in complete but unofficial results.

  • State Senator, 2nd District: Edward “Ed” Price, Democrat (Ascension, Assumption, Iberville, West Baton Rouge parishes)
  • State Senator, 6th District: “Rick” Edmonds, Republican (East Baton Rouge, Livingston, St. Helena parishes)
  • State Senator, 13th District: Valarie Hodges, Republican (Livingston Parish)
  • State Senator, 37th District: “Bill” Wheat, Republican, (Livingston Parish)
  • State Representative, 62nd District: Roy Daryl Adams, Democrat (East Baton Rouge and East Feliciana parishes)
  • State Representative, 71st District: Roger Wilder III, Republican (Livingston Parish)
  • State Representative, 72nd District: “Robby” Carter, Democrat (St. Helena Parish)
  • State Representative, 81st District: Jeffrey F. “Jeff” Wiley, Republican (Ascension, Livingston parishes)
  • State Representative, 88th District: Kathy Edmonston, Republican (Ascension Parish)
  • State Representative, 95th District: Shane Mack, Republican (Livingston Parish)

Qualifying for state and local races was Aug. 8-10. If a race had only one candidate at the end of qualifying, that person is set to take office at the start of the next term.

Caleb Seth Kleinpeter, Republican, won the District 17 Senate seat unopposed. Peter Williams, Democrat, had initially been qualified to run, but the Secretary of State website now has him listed as Other/Disqualified.

C. Denise Marcelle, Democrat, won the 61st District House seat unopposed. Robb “Kirt” Sharper, Democrat, had initially been qualified to run but later withdrew.

The following seats were filled in unopposed races:

  • State Senator, 14th District: Cleo Fields, Democrat (East Baton Rouge)
  • State Senator, 15th District: Regina Barrow, Democrat (East Baton Rouge)
  • State Senator, 16th District: Franklin Foil, Republican (East Baton Rouge)
  • State Senator, 18th District: Eddie J. Lambert, Republican (Ascension, Livingston)
  • State Senator, 32nd District: Glen D. Womack, Republican (West Feliciana)
  • State Representative, 29th District: Edmond Jordan, Democrat (East Baton Rouge, West Baton Rouge)
  • State Representative, 51st District: Beryl Amedee, Republican (Assumption)
  • State Representative, 58th District: Kendricks “Ken” Brass, Democrat (Ascension)
  • State Representative, 59th District” “Tony” Bacala, Republican (Ascension)
  • State Representative 60th District: Chad Brown, Democrat (Assumption, Iberville)
  • State Representative, 67th District: Larry Selders, Democrat (East Baton Rouge Parish)
  • State Representative, 69th District: Paula Davis, Republican (East Baton Rouge Parish)
  • State Representative, 101st District: Vanessa Caston LaFleur, Democrat (East Baton Rouge)

See the candidates in Nov. 18 races

Louisiana Senate races

State Senator, 21st District

Assumption Parish

  • Robert Allain, Republican
  • Henry “Bo” LaGrange, Republican

Louisiana House races

State Representative, 18th District

Iberville, Point Coupee, West Baton Rouge, West Feliciana parishes

  • Tammi Fabre, Republican
  • Jeremy S. LaCombe, Republican

State Representative, 63rd District

East Baton Rouge Parish

  • Chauna Banks, Democrat
  • Barbara West Carpenter, Democrat

State Representative, 64th District

East Baton Rouge, Livingston parishes

  • Kellie Alford, Republican
  • Kellee Hennessy Dickerson, Republican

State Representative, 65th District

East Baton Rouge Parish

  • Brandon Ivey, Republican
  • Lauren Ventrella, Republican

State Representative, 66th District

East Baton Rouge Parish

  • Emily Chenevert, Republican
  • “Richie” Edmonds, Republican

State Representative, 68th District

East Baton Rouge Parish

  • Belinda Creel Davis, Democrat
  • Dixon McMakin, Republican

State Representative, 70th District

East Baton Rouge Parish

  • Barbara Reich Freiberg, Republican
  • “Steve” Myers, Democrat

Local judicial race

23rd Judicial District Court Judge, ES 1, Div. E

Ascension, Assumption parishes

  • “Vicky” Jones, Republican
  • Keyojuan Gant Turner, Democrat