PONCHATOULA, La. (WGNO) – When you’re a Louisiana artist like Mandy Mae Poche in Ponchatoula, you want people to like your paintings as much as you like painting them.

WGNO Good Morning New Orleans features reporter Bill Wood says that’s Mandy Mae’s mission.

Then one day, you break the rules and paint outside the lines.

Even past the picture frame.

That’s what happened when Mandy Mae came up with a plan to paint a dress.

Her very own, about-to-be-worn to a party that night dress.

Her dress became her canvas.

Even her husband Josh laughed at her.

But Mandy Mae believed in herself.

And her talent.

And her dress.

When Mandy Mae posted herself wearing her painted dress, the world reacted to her wardrobe.

From Australia to the UK to South Africa.

So far she’s had 9 million views.

At Mandy Mae Fine Art, a fashion statement has been a big hit.

Customers are now coming in with other requests for Mandy Mae to custom paint.

Like shoes.

Because not all fine art fits on a wall, sometimes an artist needs a dress to dress for success.