PORT BARRE, La. (KLFY) — Four teenagers are accused in a string of burglaries in Port Barre.

Jaiman Mason and Keon Common, both 19, along with two juveniles ages 15 and 16, are facing a slew of charges after about two dozen vehicles and several homes were burglarized.

Police Chief Deon Boudreaux says several firearms were stolen.

He said most of those firearms have been recovered after they were found in an abandoned building near one of the the burglarized homes.

Boudreaux says more arrests are expected.

The chief also applauded the juvenile suspects parents for turning them in to police.

“I know some will blame the parents and although I agree that moral values and respect starts at home, the parents aren’t always 100% the blame. This younger generation is being fed the wrong mind foods and influences outside of home life as well,” the chief said.

“The actions of the two juveniles arrested in these cases may be  a product of the influences of today’s criminal element part of society but I have to give credit to their parents for bringing them in, cooperating with law enforcement and instead of defending their kids, they were on our side. It takes a lot for a parent to do so and this world needs more of that.”