BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) – If you missed the deadline to register to vote in person you still have a chance to register to vote online. The Power Coalition for Equity & Justice explains why it’s important you make your voice heard. 

“We must make sure that we are participating in this process, that we are voting and having our voices heard,” said Ashley Kennedy Shelton, Founder & President of Power Coalition for Equity & Justice.

With a declining number of people making it to the polls, Shelton, wants to remind the public that the idea ‘your vote doesn’t matter’ is a myth. 

“Your vote does matter. And in fact, the only way it doesn’t matter is if you don’t walk in your agency as a voter.”

Many say they’ve opted out of voting due to a lack of trust in officials and in the political system.

Shelton suggests taking a different perspective. 

“That’s why your vote is so important,” Shelton said. “They wouldn’t be gerrymandering your voice or neutering your voice. The idea is to wear you out, wear you down. Make you tired. Make you think that your vote doesn’t matter.”

Shelton believes this is about selecting candidates that represent what you stand for and your needs as a voter.

Additional voting information is available here.