BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) – When summer’s afternoon showers put a damper on outdoor plans, parents with children know all too well how antsy kids can become. 

So, what can parents do to keep little ones from becoming bored or stir-crazy during those rainy summer days? 

Five tips for Baton Rouge parents are found below:


Replace Boredom With Board Games

Turn the afternoon into a board game extravaganza. Grab the snacks and several family-friendly board games like Monopoly, Labyrinth, Hedbanz, or Uno. 


Transform Your Kitchen Into a Bakery

There are few things better than watching the rain fall while you’re safely indoors enjoying freshly baked cookies or a comforting slice of pie. So, why not make these desserts with your kids? It may help to go online and find a simple, kid-friendly recipe for cookies or cupcakes that you’ll have fun working on together. 


Check Out Celebration Station’s Indoor Activities

The mini amusement park located on Gwenadele Avenue, off Airline Highway, is locally known for its bumper boats, mini-golf, and go-karts. But on a rainy day, parents can let their kids select a few of the Station’s indoor activities to enjoy. These include arcade games like air hockey, alley rollers, driving games, interactive games, prize cranes, and more.


Make it a Mall Day

Hanging out at the mall may have been popular in the 1980s and 1990s, but on a rainy afternoon in 2022, why not bring the trend back? The Mall of Louisiana offers a host of kid-friendly pastimes including The Blue Zoo, an arcade, a carousel, a food court, and the “Bee Healthy Play Land” for small children. 


Bond By Reading

If you don’t feel like grabbing the umbrella and braving the rain, try grabbing some of your children’s favorite books instead, and brave an hour of storytime. Reading out loud with the little ones might turn into an unforgettable bonding moment, as well as a precursor to naptime. 

In addition to the suggestions above, another great option for Baton Rouge-based families might be a trip to the local Knock Knock Children’s Museum or to the Louisiana Art and Science Museum

So, rain doesn’t have to ruin summer fun, there are plenty of indoor activities families can enjoy together. 

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